The Greatest Father’s Day Gift Ever

My wife knows me. I mean she really, really knows me. And she proved it again this weekend with a Father’s Day gift that made this the best Father’s Day Ever.  You see, this was no ordinary gift. This was a gift that shows me she knows where my heart lies, as a husband, a father and as a man.

So, Jake was already asleep on Father’s Day Eve, or Erev Father’s Day as it is called by the Jewish people. Lori came out of our room with a box with a shipping label on it.  She apologized for not having wrapped it but she got a pass since she was sick over the weekend.

The room was dark, almost like a tomb as I opened up the package and a bright golden glow emanated from inside. All I could say as lost souls flew around us was…

It’s beautiful……Wait….Sorry…different Father’s Day story. This year I opened the package and I got The Greatest Father’s Day Gift Ever for 2015. I could see why Lori waited till Jake was asleep to give them to me. He would have wanted them too. Yes, that’s right…toys.

But these were no ordinary toys. They possessed the image, the very nature and soul of the greatest fairy tale, western, adventure, love story teller in the history of film. These toys reminded me why I should have majored in film-making and business when I was a student at the University of Southern California and not political science.

Yes, The Greatest Father’s Day Gift Ever was two Star Wars action figures. One of the dolls….er action figures, was a Rebel Pilot complete with mini X-wing Fighter and Blaster. This rebel pilot was labeled Commander Jorg Sacul and originally was made for Star Wars Celebration 2002 in Indianapolis. Yes, the Rebel Pilot was actually George Lucas, hallowed be thy name, dressed up as a Rebel Pilot.  But there was more. The other toy also possessed the soul of George Lucas. Indeed it was the Supreme Creator in a Stormtrooper Disguise.

The Greatest Father's Day Gift Ever,

The Greatest Father’s Day Gift Ever,

Indeed they were beautiful. These two toys brought me back to my childhood when I received the Death Star Playset and a huge model of the biggest hunk of junk in the galaxy for Hannukkah.   I am going to treasure my new toys so much that some-day, many years from now they will be dug up by archaeologists…or grave-robbers, depending on your point-of-view and they will be priceless.

I gave Lori a great big hug and a kiss and was about to open them up and play with them like Rick Moranis on Christmas Day. But then I realized….hey, I can’t open these. They’ll lose all their value. So I did the next best thing. I brushed my teeth and the two of us went to bed with my greatest Father’s Day Gifts cradled in my grown up, 42 year old arms.