Westchester Knicks: Major League Fun with my Son at a Minor League Price

Jake loves to see Westchester Knicks Basketball

Jake loves to cheer for his Westchester Knicks

As a kid, I loved going to see the New York Knicks play ball at Madison Square Garden. I didn’t know much about the game of basketball then. But the memories of going with my family — the excitement of the crowd,  the squeaking of the players’ sneakers on the court, and cheering for the Knicks — convinced me that I wanted to do the same with my son some day.

When I recently looked for tickets to finally take 6-year-old Jake to the Garden I was floored.  The cheapest tickets were between $170 and $180 per person. Outrageous!  Taking him to Madison Square Garden anytime soon seemed like a bust.

Last weekend however, my wife found a solution and we finally took Jake to see his first Knicks game. The tickets were reasonably priced. We were even seated on a lower level close to the court.

There was just one hitch though. These were not the New York Knicks. These were the Westchester Knicks, the big club’s affiliate of the NBA development league. These guys weren’t playing for big contracts, big shoe endorsements or hogging the ball selfishly like some of the stars do in the NBA but they played well anyway.

No, Carmelo Anthony didn’t play. Actually I didn’t recognize any of the names on their uniforms. But the team didn’t stink up the joint like their namesake does every night at the Garden. In fact these Knicks beat the Detroit Pistons’ affiliate, 117 to 108.

And boy, did he have fun. Jake got a New York Knicks jersey. We took him to meet the mascots and ate hot dogs. My wife, Lori and I delighted in watching Jake’s face light up as the Knicks approached 100 points. We even found out that the group of kids in front of us were there for a birthday party.

My wife spoke to the birthday boy’s mom who said that having the party there was  easy on the wallet. Food and drinks were provided. There was  even a special birthday cake courtside with players signing autographs for all the kids.

Note to self: Have Jake’s 7th birthday party at a Westchester Knicks game this November.